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presents on 17 of MARCH
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tanjong katong secondary
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November 2010

SPEEDING motorcycles are FUN ! =D

By xuetin · February 11, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
snapshot ! caught her eating the coconut !

shy yiing, qiaoxian, xuetin =D

me .

heelloos .
took all this pictures in malaysia . hehes .
quite fun at malaysia lehhs,
coze can speed motorcycle .
me and qiaoxian kept riding a motorcycle each and was like
racing ? speeding?
dam fun .
i gonna learn how to drive a car next year =D
hahas .
play fireworks and all that .
the fireworks dam nice lehhs .
dhen got one nite,
me, qiaoxian, bao yi and bao zuan
went walk walk at bout 12am .
dhen saw a group of boys speeding motorcyles,
dhen keep bombing ppl house with the bomb ( the kind that i always play in malaysia, which will like bomb very loudly after lighting it wif a match or lighter or candle )
go scare ppl .
dhen they speeded past us, dhen wanted to pass us the thing to give us play,
dhen we was like no thanks .
after that, we kept walking back and forth at the street there,
they said 'meinu, whye keep walking here and there' everytime they speed past us .
dhen later got the two guy speeding motorcyle behind us said
when they wanted to speed past us .
dhen we was like laughing at hell,
and we shouted at them that they english so lousy !
dhen when they wanted to turn back and look, they almost slipped off their motorcycle .
woah, if that time got motorcycle at home, me and qiaoxian sure ride one and go speed motorcycle also liao .
but dhen dun have, coze my uncle they all all ride away the three motorcycle liao .
tell eu arhhs, at malaysia sure will get fat one,
is like from morning until midnight keep go he cha(drink tea) .
but still fun larhhs .
dhen gamble gamble . i will quite alot of money lehhs .
everytime sleep at like 3 or 4 am like that, dhen 7 or 8 am will sure wake up the lorhhs .
collect quite alot of angbao too , havent collect finish lehhs .
i wan to learn how to drive car .
soon .
hahas .
loves ; xuetin

byes people =D

By xuetin · February 5, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
the celebration was quite fun huhs .
and i realised that mrs koh house is quite big ,
and there's a sort of music room .
dam nice .
that went buy the drama zhong ji yi ban
and dou niu yao bu yao ( decided to buy and rewatch it coze its nice )
dhen went down bc play again .
fun huhs . =D

byes people .
going back in a few minutes time .
wan msg me, can .
msg me before 12am .
hahas .
uhkays .
logging off,
byes ,
take cares people .

loves ; xuetin =D

By xuetin · February 4, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
heelloos .
went down bc after school again .
so many tkians from my school was there .
qishan drawing is nice !!
hahas .
she dam artistic lehhs .
yays, tmr got celebrating at teacher house for our c div netballers (us =D) had make it to the 2nd round . yays !!
celebrating at teacher house at bedok there from 4 to 6.30 pm .
dhen after that i'm going bc all the way until 10.30 pm . hahas .
awws, tmr at nite , bout 11pm, going to malaysia for chinese new year, all the way until sunday lehhs .
must msg me say bye to me horhhs =X
hahas .
5days 4 nite in malaysia .
so long !!
i wann come back singapore earlier niahhs .
during the days cant go bc liao , cannot meet my 38s !
awws .
anyways, 38s!! i will miss eu de uhkays ! =D
hahas .
after i come back on sunday , see whad time,
if still can, i will go bc meet eu all uhkays .
new year coming !
on thursday !!
remember to give me ANG BAO !
hahas .
help me keep the ang baos' until i come back . =X
hahas, joking larhhs .
if got dhen it will be very good . =X
hahas . logging off .

loves ; xuetin


By xuetin · February 3, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
helloos .
today like whole day raining lehhs .
qishan broke down , dhen rush to her house find her . go comfort her .
dhen meet roger and qishan dhen go play swings .
its fun right, qishan . =D
after playing swing , went to sit under block 2 and chat wif qishan and roger .
dhen me and roger was like wasting tissue, tearing the tissue and squeeze into a ball dhen throw at each others .
me and qishan say roger so LAO liao still play until like that ,
hahas .
awws, dhen qishan got to dunnoe buy whad portable thingy wif his dad .
so me and roger walk to blk 5 to find qiaoxian, renee, joseph, junhui and leona they all .
on the way still throwing each other tissues .
srys arhhs qishan, wasted ur tissue =X
at night after dinner wif renee, we went bc again , dhen play ball roger, jun hui, joseph, wilson they all .
wa, dhen i slipped beacuse i wanted to catch the ball .
dhen my left knee pain pain lorhhs .
to teddy kor kor:
where's my first aid kit ?
my knee pain lehhs .
hahas .
reach home at bout 9.30 after sending renee to taxi .
sianns, tomorrow got school again .
logging off =D , gtg pack my SCHOOL BAG !!

loves ; xuetin


By xuetin · February 3, 2008 · 0 Comments ·

THRASH THE BOYS !! muahahahas

By xuetin · February 2, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
heelloos .
today 3 go down bc .
alot ppl today at bc lorhhs .
after awhile, rain again . this few days like keep raining lorhhs .
but its good, i can get sick easier .
hahas .
dhen after that keep playing like 2 v 2 only lorhhs .
i shoot alot, yays .
we 38s, qishan, renee, qiaoxian and me trash the boys like 11-0 .
i think we can go basketball nationals liao larhhs =XX . hahas .
after play play play, we was all listening and talking jokes larhhs .
the stupid bang bang game make me very irritated lehhs , play so long i also dun get it .
but still got it in the end , it was dam lame larhhs .
oh yarhhs, and i tapped HONG ZI ball away when he shoot , dhen he kena suan by everyone,
dam funny lorhhs .
today laugh dam lots lorhhs .
andrew ! go scratch my finger, ur nails so long, make my finger bleeding .
my finger pain pain lorhhs .
thanks wilson! for the plaster . hahas .
ytd nite tok on the phone wif qishan, roger and joseph until i sleep lehhs .
srys horhhs , i very tire after school marhhs .
juz now ate dinner wif renee, andrew, jun hui and hong zi ,
dhen renee and junhui like scold each other again .
they horhhs, every time see each other also scold scold scold wann lehhs , scold each other whad retard, loser, sore loser, idiot, stupid ..
today dam cold lehhs, i think i sick liao..
hahas, yays , finally get sick liao lorhhs .
to roger:
i edit the post liao horhhs ,
make eu good good uhkays .

yays, i am having slight fever currently ! hahas .
loves, xuetin


By xuetin · February 1, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
today wanted to make qishan happy , dhen pei her go play swing at the sand playground . it was fun lorhhs .

yays, i draw one, at the sand playground .

but dhen i dam dam unlucky canns .

go east coast for road run dhen in the end rain so heavily ,
never even run till larhhs .
got myself and my bag totally wet also .
dam cold lorhhs , thanks qishan ! give me warm .
after that, found out that my ku ku phone got wet, dhen cannot on or use anymore lorhhs .
dhen cry at bc .
go home that time, go tell my parents dhen kena scolded again .
dad say dun wan buy hp for me liao larhhs .
dhen cry again ,
fuck siahhs . .
stupid school lorhhs, all their fault larhhs , go whad east coast pit 57 somemore, dam far larhhs, waste $10 take taxi there for nothing . grrr...
if nhort my hp wont spoilt de lorhhs .
hate today larhhs .
thanks andrew for being my 出气筒 .
thanks qishan and renee =]


By xuetin · January 31, 2008 · 0 Comments ·
heelloo .
create this blog for so long also nv write .
feel like writing it now .
hahas .
ytd nite chatted wif my dear 38; qishan and roger on the phone .
its was dam fun .
we BULLY roger .
dhen he keep saying sorry to qishan .
like dam funny cann .
shhit lorhhs .
today go down bc, dhen qx mum come again , dhen i scare she go tell my mum that i go down lehhs , i dont wan to get banned lehhs .
anyways, today got hist test , quite easy ( because i got study, wahahas )

good good .
heyys, tmr got road run ..
ROGER !! say wann help me run wann lorhhs !!
but dhen teacher say cannot .
i dun wan run lehhs , 3 km !!
die die die .
will be going down tomorrow ! =]

loves, xuetin =]